Watch the Weight pilot!

Super proud of this little darling. Here is the pilot presentation we shot for Weight, with three-time Emmy Winner Martha Byrne starring. The performances are just lovely and everything I could have ever imagined and more.

Thank you to everyone who has loved this so far — including Vimeo for picking it as a Staff Pick and Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor in Chief of Variety, tweeting your support. More to come on this little show that could.

Also, a shout out to Martha Byrne for everything that is magical about you. No one else can swing from hilarious to touching and back just like you. And props also to director Fred Keller, from whom I have learned so much, and whom I always know has my back and Martha’s back and who motivates me to be my best. Two very special people in this world.


Throwback: In the Motherhood

In the Motherhood — you may remember a brief 2009 television sitcom of this same name. It may not have lasted long, but it did make herstory as one of the very first web series to move to television — way before Broad City did it. Back in 2007, this online comedy broke ground with Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy and Leah Remini playing three of the moms. This progressive show was not only geared for moms-on-go but it was an early and successful attempt at product placement for Suave and Sprint… AND it also tested interactive storytelling with moms submitting their own stories for possible inclusion in the series. Most importantly, it’s flat-out funny! So check out some retro digital chick herstory, even just to remind yourself that women have been watching web video since 2007… I say no more.

I’m back!

Hey all you digital chicks, been awhile since I’ve blogged, but I’m back, and you’ve all been making cool stuff, so I’m really excited to start writing again about all that is awesome about female voices in online video.

Just a round up of some of the projects I worked on that kept me too busy to be bloggin’ — MAKERS from filmmaker Dyllan McGee for AOL & PBS (which is great and will make you believe you can accomplish everything! check it out!), a few NewFronts (totes important events!), VProud, new social video platform from Karen Cahn (love those V ladies! check it out and join some conversations without the threat of douchey trolls!), and Astronauts Wanted (from the badass Judy McGrath, who used to run MTV and should run everything always).

If you’re a digital chick, pllllleeeease share your work with me! There is a contact form on this site or email me at digitalchicktv@gmail.