10 Keys to Running the Show Without Losing Your Marbles- #2 Organization

When I started Awkward Embraces, I had nothing but a theatre degree and a hard head. Only one of those is really useful when trying to produce a no-budget film project from the ground up. In this past year, I learned a lot of lessons (most the hard way) but they were invaluable. I’d like to share with you all the main keys that helped me to survive with my sanity and show intact.


OK, you’ve got your concept, you’ve got your crew and cast…congratulations! Now is when you find out just how much being a low/no-budget producer entails. Usually, it means that you handle every detail from scheduling, to continuity, to set design, to business transactions…you get the idea. Every day you’re going to stumble across something else that you didn’t realize you would have to do.

#2: Learn to be organized, even if you aren’t.

Lucky for me, I was blessed with a deep love of office supplies and color coding. Not everybody has this gift/mental problem. If you are the type of person who waits until the last minute and doesn’t sweat the details, you need to find a way to be organized and on top of things. Lists, color coding, a giant calendar on your wall, a production book…etc. There are tons of ways to organize yourself, and if you need help ask around. Everyone’s got an anal retentive friend around who will be happy to help get you organized.

Why? Because there are a lot of people who are going to be working for you for free or practically nothing and you owe it to them to make things as smooth as possible. There are always bumps in the road and minor crises, but if you are organized from the get go, these things are easier to handle.

Jessica Mills
Writer/Producer/Co-star, Awkward Embraces

Check out episode two of Awkward Embraces:

This is part 2 of a 10-part series. Stay tuned for Key # 3.

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